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The Caledonian Companion/The Fiddler's Companion (Book/CD set)

This book/CD assembly contains a copy of SRCD001 "The Fiddler's Companion", the associated album to "The Caledonian Companion" by Alastair Hardie, illustrating tunes from this book. Featuring Tom Anderson, Aly Bain, Angus Grant, Alastair Hardie, Bill Hardie, Hector MacAndrew, Donald Stewart, playing the repertoire with which they are particularly associated: Aly Bain - brilliant hornpipes and reels; Angus Grant - West Highland pipe-derived style; Tom Anderson - tunes of his native Shetland; Bill Hardie and Hector MacAndrew - some of their own compositions. Digitally re-mastered. 15 tracks. Running time 47:25 mins.
[For alternative format: Compact Disk in jewel case, Saltire Recordings SRCD001 see Recordings Section]

Paperback (144 pp)

ISBN: 9780946868308


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